The Simpsons of Newmachar

Simpson Family Genealogy



Welcome to the Simpson Family History.Please be aware that this is a work in progress, and in in its infancy.

I started this project with the birth certificate for John (Jock) Simpson, and the knowledge that the family came from Aberdeen.What I didn‘t know is that besides being a city, it was also a county with numerous parishes and without parish info I would not get very far.

I sent out feelers to the Electronic Genealogical community, and the first things I found were there are millions of people searching for their roots and everyone is willing to assist a Newbie.I soon had the 1881 Census extract for Bessie Adam living with her Grandparents in Foveran showing her birthplace.I was armed for bear with this info and ordered her birth extract to find her parents.

Now with Robert I wasn't as lucky, but I did eventually find he was the only Robert Cowie Simpson born in Aberdeen in 1883
(Had I looked closer at his obituary I would have had his parish right away, New Machar).I ordered his birth registration and had his parents.These two instances took nearly 4 months to conclude.No one said this was going to be fast or easy, but I persevered.

Armed with this new found information I was informed it was time to hit the microfilm.This is a lengthy procedure from ordering, to viewing, to backtracking, to find you have the wrong family, starting over until you find what you are looking for. Over the next 18 - 24 months I eventually found what you are about to experience.As a footnote, let me express my relief that no family member ever proclaimed a genetic relationship to Robert the Bruce, William Wallace or Mary Queen of Scots.

The Simpson family and its many branches are, for the most part, farmers (crofters), labourers, and tradesmen. The roots are buried deep in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.The given names are not uncommon, the families were large, and for the most part did not follow traditional naming practices ergo posing a greater challenge for the researcher (that would be me) to connect them.

I have included in this history all the lines discovered to date for Robert Cowie Simpson and Bessie Lawson Adam.These lines include the following families:

Simpson, Cowie, Sharp, Walker, Lawson, Davie and Scott and more


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